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Bom Yonzon

This is my great privilege and honour to be a president of Royal Westerns Club. I am pleased to write Royal Westerns Club continued to gradually grow stronger from its establishment. I am here with a Five Year Strategic Plan to enhance the club’s performance and to make it financially stable with the focus on providing magnificent and responsible services to our players and our community in general which has been and will be crucial for the success of the club. I pledge that there will be lots of proud moments in coming years with achievements and glory moments with some events, functions, occasions, refreshments and of course with many more trophies. Lastly, I wish to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the former and present executive team, advisors, supporters and Royal Westerns Club Families for your great support to bring the club to this prestigious stage successfully till this day.


Roshan Dahal

Being The Royal Westerns Club's vice president is an honour for me. I feel honoured by the tremendous responsibility you have placed in my hands. I am confident that we will continue to uphold and advance the club's history and aristocracy with the help and direction of our members and the other members of the General Committee.



31 President Road, Albanvale, Victoria.

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